A responsible company

Aoyama Optical France is an ethical company and has many initiatives to improve the environmental and social impact of its activities.

Social Commitment:

We endeavor to keep our customers informed at all times with real time data from our computer systems.

•Relative to its employees, ensuring safety in the workplace and equality.

• Relative to its suppliers being completely honest and caring in building business relationships over the long term.

Environmental commitment:

Aoyama Optical France has an eco-friendly policy. We are committed to using natural materials wherever possible and to recycle as much waste as possible. We strive to reduce the amount of packaging and energy we consume. We recycle 20m3 of cartons each month in collaboration with the social company Elise.

Our management system:

In addition to these social and environmental policies the Group continues to improve its management systems with the development of on online business portal enabling customers and external stakeholders access to real time information.